Cool Nutz - Speakin Upon A Million (1998)

01 Put That In
02 Spread Love
03 Late Night Licks (feat. Bosko)
04 Eyez On Prize (feat. Bosko)
05 Interlude
06 Pop My Whip
07 Put 'Em Up (feat. G-Ism)
08 Interlude
09 Flamboast (feat. Kenny Mack, Young Randall)
10 Speakmise (feat. DJ Wicked)
11 Interlude
12 Street Science (feat. Bleek, Maniac Lok)
13 For The Ladies (feat. Suites Cuttingham)
14 Keep My Soul (feat. Bosko, Ray Ray)
15 Interlude
16 What I'm About (Remix)(feat. Bosko)
17 90 Proof
18 Tech Support
19 Roll Call (feat. BA, Bosko, L Profound, Kenny Mack, Mr Dog, Young Randall, Nyquil, Ray Ray, Maniac Lok, Al C, Mackin Rob, Michael Crenshaw, HTK, J Dee, Pete Miser, Libretto)

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