Krucifix Klan - Da Fina Sco (2014)

1. 666
2. 9 Cocked (New Stan Man)
3. Evil Dead
4. Bitches Can Be Gangstaz Too (feat. Gangsta Boo & La Chat)
5. Stanking With the Flies
6. Victim to Dis Chrome
7. Break It Up (Song By Playa Rob)
8. Binghampton Bound Bitch
9. All I Need Is My Weed (Song By Lady Dead)
10. Hanging Out Da Window
11. Bird Chest
12. Red Rum (Solo from Syde Manson and Blaze)
13. Shits 2 Thick
14. Take Your Punk Ass Out

Young Thug - 1017 Thug (2013)

01 Young Thug - Yeah Yeah (Feat. Og Boo Dirty & Heavy)
02 Young Thug - 2 Cups Stuffed
03 Young Thug - Ball (Feat. Og Boo Dirty)
04 Young Thug - I'm Fo Real 
05 Young Thug - Jungle (Feat. Gucci Mane) 
06 Young Thug - Scared Of You 
07 Young Thug - Murder 
08 Young Thug - Nigeria (Feat. Gucci Mane & Peewee Longway)
09 Young Thug - Dead Fo Real (Feat. Peewee Longway) 
10 Young Thug - Condo Music (Feat. Wicced) 
11 Young Thug - Patna Dem (Feat. Peewee Longway)
12 Young Thug - Picacho (Feat. Maceo) 
13 Young Thug - Trigger Finger
14 Young Thug - Picture Baby 
15 Young Thug - Shooting Star (Feat. Gucci Mane)
16 Young Thug - Miss U
17 Young Thug - Tabernacle
18 Young Thug - Why Order
19 Young Thug - Thug (Feat. Runts)
20 Young Thug - Fck With It (Feat. Young Scooter)

Fiend - Fuego Dope 2 (2013)

1. You Know I Got It [Intro]
2.Type Of Way [Remix](ft. Rich Homie Quan, Young Jeezy & Meek Mill) 
3.In My Own Lane (ft. Inacent Baby)
4.Pussy Ni**a [CRDJS Remix] (ft Woop, Yo Gotti & Kevin Gates)
5.Black America (ft. Shawn Jay)
6.Too Eazy (ft. Tuck)
7. Interlude
8.Use Ya Head (ft. Jay Raw & Burga )
9.God Gave Me Game
10.On My Job
11. Ima Beast (ft. AOB Veet )
12.Fucked Up (ft. Los C)
14.These Streets (ft. Urban Jones)
15.9BeansTv DVD Cyphe (ft. Shalamar)


Migos - No Label 2 (2014)

01. No Label 2 Intro Feat. DJ Ray G (Prod By DJ Plugg)
02. Copy Me (Prod By Murda)
03. Contraband (Prod By Zaytoven)
04. Add It Up (Prod By Zaytoven)
05. Peek A Boo (Prod By Metro Boomin & Zaytoven)
06. Antidope (Prod By Zaytoven)
07. Migo Dreams Feat. Meek Mill
08. Kidding Me (Prod By Mack Boy)
09. M&Ms (Prod By Phenom Da Don)
10. Fight Night (Prod By Stack Boy Twan)
11. Handsome And Wealthy (Prod By Cheese)
12. Birds (Prod By Stack Boy Twan)
13. YRH Feat. Rich Homie Quan (Prod. By Metro Boomin & TM88)
14. No Fuckin Wit (Prod By DJ Plugg)
15. Freak No More (Prod By Honorable C Note)
16. Hot Boy (Prod By Breezy)
17. Body Parts Feat. MGK (Prod By Murda)
18. Ounces (Prod By Metro Boomin & Zaytoven)
19. Emmit Smith (Prod By Murda)
20. Built Like Me (Prod By Zaytoven)
21. First 48 (Prod By Mack Boy)
22. Payola (Prod By Cheese)
23. Where Were You (Prod By Phenom Da Don)
24. Just Wait On It (Prod By Zaytoven)
25. Young Rich Niggas (Prod By Cassius)

Quality Control Music - Solid Foundation (2014)

01 - Migos Losie Jose Guapo Mpa Duke - Kick The Door Down 
02 - Migos Ft Gucci Mane - Get Down 
03 - Losie - How Does It Feel 
04 - Rich The Kid - Rich Nigga Shit 
05 - Jose Guapo Ft Mpa Duke - Atm
06 - Johnny Cinco - No Choice 
07 - Migos - Dramatic
08 - Chill Will X Migos - Shawn Kemp
09 - Skippa Flippa Ft Johnny Cinco - Designer
10 - Mpa Duke - When We Ride
11 - Migos - Ounces
12 - Rich The Kid Ft Chill Will Dirty Dave - Water Whip 
13 - Johnny Cinco - They Gave The Wrong Young Nigga Money
14 - Mpa Duke Ft Losie - Rns
15 - Cartie - Married To The Money
16 - Jose Guapo Ft Migos - Fuck The Rap Game 
17 - Chill Will - Surrender 
18 - Losie - Roger That 
19 - Dirty Dave - I Really Do This
20 - Migos Ft Skippa Da Flippa Mp Duke - Qc Addiction 

Juicy J - Trippy Life [2CD] (2014)


101.Low ft Nicki Minaj, Young Thug & Lil Bibby
102.Dark Horse
103.Bad Bitches ft LightShow
104.Drinkers Club ft Big K.R.I.T, Rittz & ASAP Ferg
105.Ice ft Future & ASAP Ferg
106.Cancel Her ft King Ray, Cash Out & Project Pat
107.For The Low Pt 2 ft Lil Bibby & Wiz Khalifa
108.Disfunction ft Young Scooter, Young Thug & Future
109.Super Throwed ft The Game
110.She Knows
111.I Don't Mind ft Usher
112.Have Some Fun ft Pitbull & Cee Lo Green
113.Clappers ft Wale & Nicki Minaj
114.We Still In This Bitch ft B.o.B & T.I.
115.KK ft Wiz Khalifa & Project Pat


216.Shell Shocked ft Kill The Noise, Madsonik, Wiz Khalifa & Ty Dolla $ign
217.17 Touchdown (Remix) ft O.T. Genasis, Busta Rhymes & French Montana
218.You Don't Know ft Lil Bibby
219.Word On The Town ft Wiz Khalifa & Pimp C
220.Legendary ft Mobb Deep & Bun B
221.Holy Ghost ft Lil Bibby
222.In The Stars ft Wiz Khalifa
23.All I Need ft K Camp
224.Double Cup ft Young Jeezy, Ludacris, The Game & Hitmaka
225.0 To 100 (Remix)
226.THC Believe
227.No Flex Zone (Remix)
228.Hot Nigga (Remix)

Gucci Mane & Migos - The Green Album (2014)

1.1017 Feat Young Thug
3.Problems Feat Young Thug
4.Sadam Usane Feat Kourtney Money
5.Seen Alot Feat Young Scooter
6.Send Me Pack Feat Young Dolph
7.Skerr Feat Young Dolph
8.Take My Soul
9.What You Doin
10.Wrist Game



Corner Boy P - Rolex Diamonds (2011)

2.Air King
8.Pearl Yactmaster
13.Sea Dweller
18.Back To Back



Yo Gotti - Cocaine Mentality (2014)

1.Yo Gotti- Been Thru It All
2.Yo Gotti Feat. Lil Wayne & Ludacris – Errrbody (Remix)
3.Yo Gotti Feat. Game , Soulja Boy, T.I & 2 Chainz - Really
4.Yo Gotti Feat. Ty Dolla Sign & French Montana - Like I Do
5.Yo Gotti Feat. Big K.R.I.T. & DJ Infamous - Somethin Right
6.Yo Gotti Feat. Flipsyde - White Castle (Exclusive)
7.Yo Gotti Feat. Jim Jones & Big Tyme - All I Do
8.Yo Gotti Feat. Chubbie – One Time For My City (Exclusive)
9Yo Gotti Feat. Hustle Gang - Um Hmm
10.Yo Gotti Feat. Wild & August Alsina - She’s A Keeper
11.Yo Gotti Feat. 8 Ball & Bun B - Gangsta Party (Throwback Classic)

Da Mafia 6ix nka Three 6 Mafia - Hear Sum Evil Mixtape (2014)

Corner Boy P & Mary Gold - Designer Drugs (2014)

2.MCM Shades 
3.Remember Me
4.Roll Up 
5.What You Got 4 Me 


Mary Gold - Sex Hormoned Druggie (2013)

1.- Mother Mary [Intro] 
2.- Nephilim 
3.- Lisa 
4.- Fukk feat. Leaf
5.- Druggie Girl by Dirty Spice
6.- Threesome 
7.- Miley Cyrus 
8.- Coup De Ville
9.- Grand Theft 
10.- Needy 
11.- Treetop Express 
12.- Prayer feat. Curren$y 
13.- Steezus Christ 


Mastamind - Last Temptation of Christ (2010)

Mastamind - Last+emptationOfChris+ (2010)

1. BloodOf+heGods produced by AirJensen
2. GoodNiteAmerikkka produced by AirJensen
3. HorrorStory Produced by AirJensen
4. Last+emptation feat. Esham produced by AirJensen
5. UKnowMe produced by Dre40oz
6. SombodyToldUWrong produced Dre40oz
7. IAintWri+e produced by AirJensen
8. GaveEmMyLife produced by Dre40oz
9. Rok+oMyBea+ produced by AirJensen
10. Shi+StillSellin’ produced by Kogniak
11. CrucifyMeWhyMe produced by Dre40oz

Young Thug - 1017 Thug Reloaded (2014)

1.Young Thug - 100 Intro
2.Young Thug Ft Yung Lingo- Woday
3.Young Thug - Stoner
4.Young Thug Ft Chinx Drugz &Shad Da God - Laugh
5. Young Thug ft. Metro Boomin - Rich Nigga Shit
6.Young Thug Ft Peewee Longway & MPA Duke - Jamungi
7.Young Thug Ft Black Portland & Bloody Jay - Paranoia
8.Young Thug ft. Young Scooter- My Boys
9.Young Thug Ft Migos Zay Mac-Nevah Sober
10.Young Thug Ft. Migos & PeeWeeLong Way - Break My Wrist
11.Young Thug Ft Casino - Communication
12.Young Thug ft PeeWee Longway - Loaded
13.Young Thug ft. Code G - Geek'D Out My Mind
14.Young Thug ft  Migos  - YRN
15.Young Thug - Cant See Em
16.Young Thug - Danny Glover

Young Thug - 1017 Thug 3 The Finale (2014)

1. 1017 Thug3 Intro (Beast Mode) (Ft. Gucci Mane)
2. Alphabetical Order 
3. My Bitches Get Money (Ft. Gucci Mane)
4. Rich N***a S**t 
5. F**k Ya Girl 
6. Out the Bowl (Ft. Gucci Mane)
7. 911
8. L a Swag 
9. You the World
10. Rollin Rollin
11. I Ain't Drunk Yet
12. Hurt Yo Eyes (Ft. Young LA
13. Around My Way (Ft. MPA Duke)


Young Thug - 1017 Thug 2 (2014)

1.Young Thug - 1017 Lifestyle
2.Young Thug - Oh Ya
3.Young Thu -Tell Her Nothing
4.Young Thug - Take It
5.Young Thug - Run It Up
6.Young Thug - Let Up
7.Young Thug - Sub Zero (Ft. Quavo)
8.Young Thug - Trigger Finger
9.Young Thug - Strange Things
10.Young Thug - Warrior (Ft. MPA Wicced)

Young Thug - I Came From Nothing 3 (2014)

2.Thinkin' Out Loud #TOL
4.Molly Workin'
5.Loaded (Feat. Jose Guapo & Young Scooter)
6.I Know Ya
7.Ok Cool (Feat. Skool Boy)
8.Admit It (Feat. Skypadwar & Kosher) 
10.I'm Paid
11.Creepy Crawlin'
12.Epic (Feat. Tizzle & Curt Blow)
14.Time Of Ya Life (Feat. Lil Silk) 
15.What Dat Mean (Feat. Skypadwar & C Neil)
16.My Life (Feat. Rocko & Playa)
17.Angry Sex
18.I Like What Ya Doin' 
19.HollyHood (Feat. Skypadwar & Aston Martin Philos)
20.Foreign (Feat. Hellacoppa) 
21.International Connection
22.My Time (Outro)


Young Thug - I Came From Nothing 2 (2014)

1.Haiti Slang
2.I Know
4.My Everything (Feat. Future)
5.Who's On Top (Feat. MPA Duke & MPA Wicced)
6.Keep In Touch
7.Keep Going (Feat. Cash Out)
8.F ck My Tattoos (Feat. Jose Guapo)
9.Doors (Feat. Capo Kam & London Jae)
11.Above Dem Niggas (Feat. MPA Duke & MPA Wicced)
12.Go Getta (Feat. Yung Booke & MPA Wicced)
13.But I Want
14.Ooooorr (Feat. Capo Kam & Kumtie)
15.The Plug
16.All These Racks On Me (Feat. Shawty Lo & Mdc Chris)
17.Curtains (Feat. Shawty Lo & Skool Boy)
18.F ck 12 (Feat. MPA Duke & MPA Wicced)
19.F ckin' Witha (Feat. Cash Out)
20.Go Harder Than Yall (Feat. YL Stunna)
21.Jamaican Slang
22.Our Bars
23.They Killin' Niggas (Feat. Buc Buc)


Young Thug - I Came From Nothing (2014)

3.We Are
4.Eat U Alive
5.Ball On Yall
6.Drop Bars
8.Zan Man
9.In Dis Bitch
12.We Ballin'


Rich Gang - Tha Tour Pt 1 (2014)

2.War Ready
3.I Know It
4.See You
5.Beat It
8.Hate It
9.Tell Em (Lies)
10.I Got
11.Milk Marie
12.Imma Ride
13.Everything I Got
14.Keep It Goin
17.Throw Your Hood Up
19.Pull Up
20.Who's On Top


Rich Gang - Rich Gang [Deluxe Edition] (2013)

01 R.G. (feat. Mystikal)
02 Million Dollar (feat. Detail & Future)
03 Tapout (feat. Lil Wayne, Birdman, Mack Maine, Nicki Minaj & Future)
04 We Been On (feat. R. Kelly, Birdman & Lil Wayne)
05 Dreams Come True (feat. Yo Gotti, Ace Hood, Mack Maine & Birdman)
06 50 Plates (feat. Rick Ross)
07 Bigger Than Life (feat. Chris Brown, Tyga, Birdman & Lil Wayne)
08 100 Favors (feat. Detail, Birdman & Kendrick Lamar)
09 Everyday (feat. Cory Gunz, Birdman, Busta Rhymes & Mystikal)
10 Burn the House (feat. Detail)
11 Panties To the Side (feat. French Montana, Tyga, Bow Wow & Gudda Gudda)
12 Angel (feat. Mystikal, Jae Millz, Ace Hood, Gudda Gudda, Mack Maine & Birdman)
13 Sunshine (feat. Limp Bizkit, Flo Rida, Birdman & Caskey)
14 Have It Your Way (feat. T.I., Birdman & Lil Wayne)
15 Paint Tha Town (feat. Game, Birdman & Lil Wayne)
16 Fly Rich (feat. Stevie J, Future, Tyga, Meek Mill & Mystikal)
17 Here We Are (Feat. Kevin Rudolf, Limp Bizkit, Birdman & Lil Wayne)
18 Savage (Feat. T Rone & Jae Millz)

Young Roddy - Legal Dealing (2014)

1.Legal Dealing Intro  
2.Thank God 
3.Hard Times (Feat. Nesby Phips)  
4.Trying prod by Howard Davis
5.Selling That Sh%t (Feat. Mr Marcelo
6.City of Gods 
7.I Know It (Feat. Curren$y & Smoke Dza)  
8.Forgive You  
9.Outro -Transition  


Corner Boy P - RNS (2013)

1.1997 ft. Curren$y
2.Holy Water
3.Box Chevy
4.All Gold Fendi
5.Corner Boy
6.Gettin Money
8.Yellow Tape ft. Dee Low
9.Mean Streets ft. Fiend


Joker The Bailbondsman - Cash Or Collateral (2002)

    1 Payback
2 Roll a Blunt
3 In the Mind of a Hustla
4 When All the Ice Melt
5 About That Hoe
                   6 Backpack Full of Zones
7 Let Me See Your Ass Drop
8 Dwelling With N*GG*
9 In My Mustang
10 Homicide 4 Hire
11 Game
12 Relax and Recline
13 He Won't Make It Home



Joker The Bailbondsman - Bi Polar (2003)

1     Loosers Bracket     Joker The Bailbomdsman
2     Club Hoppin     Joker The Bailbomdsman
3     N.B.A.     Joker The Bailbomdsman, Freeway
4     Mission     Joker The Bailbomdsman
5     Alaska’s Anthem     Joker The Bailbomdsman
6     Dr. Dre Beat     Joker The Bailbomdsman
7     Party All Night     Joker The Bailbomdsman
8     Half On Something     Joker The Bailbomdsman
9     Move Around     Joker The Bailbomdsman
10     Sinister     Joker The Bailbomdsman, Phenom
11     Lets Smoke     Joker The Bailbomdsman
12     $20 Dub To A Million     Joker The Bailbomdsman
13     Money In A Ziplock Bag     Joker The Bailbomdsman, Bizzy Bone
14     Ladies Comming Over     Joker The Bailbomdsman






Thug Therapy - Club'n & Thug'n (2014)

01. Thug Therapy - Stupid Dumb Moves
02. Thug Therapy - Overdose (feat. Lord Infamous)
03. Thug Therapy - Kesha & Becky (feat. Rell McFly, Skinny Pimp, Yoyo Munie & Gangsta Boo)
04. Thug Therapy - Gimme Mine, Gimme Me (feat. Young Snipe)
05. Thug Therapy - Fast Lane
06. Thug Therapy - Climb My Pole
07. Thug Therapy - Turnt Up (feat. DJ Paul)
08. Thug Therapy - B.N.M. 'Bout No Money' (feat. M Dolla)
09. Thug Therapy - On The Bible (feat. Young Snipe)
10. Thug Therapy - No Games
11. Thug Therapy - Salute
12. Thug Therapy - Drink N Drive (feat. Lil B)
13. Thug Therapy - Molly Time
14. Thug Therapy - Like Nikki [remix] (feat. Project Pat
15. Thug Therapy - Club`n & Thug`n (feat. Drano & Deon Perignon)
16. Thug Therapy - Thunder Cat
17. Thug Therapy - MPWL (feat. Lil Wyte & Frayser Boy)

Gangsta Boo - Underground Cassette Tape Music (2014)

Lil Milt - The Prophecy (1997)

1 The Prophecy
2 Ghetto Killaz
3 Code Of True Hustlaz
4 My Baby Mama
5 Make A Move
6 The Concrete Jungle
7 Game
8 Better Day
9 That's How It Goes
10 Another Lady Sings The Blues
11 Cashville
12 For My Brothas
13 Wanna Be A G
14 Cash Flow
15 Clockin G's
16 Hard Times