Silencer - From The Thugs (2004)

1 Set It Off   
2 I'm Not Your Puppet feat. Mr. Sancho
3 Coming for You feat. Big Capone, Fingazz, Mr. Sancho,    
4 Silencer's Oldie feat. Bizz, Fingazz   
  5 Crucified feat. OG Playboy  
  6 By your side feat. Lil Bandit, Mr. Sancho  
  7 F... What You Heard   
8 Sickest feat. Bizz   
9 One of a Kind feat. Califa Thugs    
10 Sex Talk feat. Mr. Sancho, Mrs. Sancha   
11 What You Gonna Do feat. Royal T  
   12 Would You Love Me feat. Bizz   
13 You Will Die feat. Royal T    
14 Baby Doll feat. Mr. Sancho   
15 I'm Not Your Puppet 
16 Dedication feat. Mr. Sancho  
  17 Low Pro feat. Various Low Profile Artists

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