O.G. Playboy - O.G. Playboy (2013)

1. Gangbanin
2. West Coast Love 
3. They Call Him Playboy 
4. Babe (Feat. Lil Bandit, Big Capone
5. More Than Friends (Feat. Mr. Sancho
6. Exotic Girl (Feat. Royal T
6. My Girl (Feat. Bizz
8. This Is For (Feat. Big Capone
9. Put Your Hand Up (Feat. Mr. Sancho, Lil Bandit, Big Capone
10. Bounce It Like A 64 (Feat. Royal T, Lil Bandit
11. You Know We Do It Right (Feat. Mr. Sancho, Big Capone
12. We In The Club (Feat. Mr. Sancho
13. To Young To Die (Feat. Roscoe From The Dogg Pound
14. This Is How We Ride (Feat. Bullet Nasty
15. Special Type Of Lady (Feat. Big Capone
16. Things We Face In The Lowpro ( Feat. Royal T
17. So High (Feat. Mr. Sancho)

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