C-Dubb & Young Loc - Risk And Revenue (2012)

01. What U Know Bout That
02. Huggin Da Game (Feat. Messy Marv And Lil Raider)
03. Beastin
04. Life Is A Gamble (Feat. Hollow Tip)
05. Go Getta
06. Breaka Breaka
07. Push A Hard Line (Feat. T-Nutty)
08. Summertime Grind
09. Bendin Cornerz (Feat. Jay Tee)
10. Gettin Money (Feat. Lil Ro And Maeli)
11. Perkin
12. Movin Thru Traffic (Feat. Philthy Rich And Samantha B)
13. Ask Me No Questions (Feat. Lil Raider, Lil Toro, Zipper Louie)
14. All About The Double Up (Feat. Mac Reese)
15. Bonus Track


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