Psychodrama - Greatest Hits (1998)

01-Young Buk - Intro
02-Psychodrama - Time Versus Life
03-Psychodrama - Uh Huh (You Right)
04-A+ - Unstable Feat. Young Buk & Psyde
05-Psychodrama - Magic
06-Psychodrama - Beenadone Some Shit
07-Twista - Adrenaline Rush Feat. Young Buk
08-Do Or Die - Kill Or Be Killed Feat. Young Buk
09-Newsense - What Happened To law
10-8 Ball - Pure Uncut Feat. Young Buk & Psyde
11-Young Buk - Lethal Weapon
12-Mobsta Elites - Crook County Feat. Psychodrama
13-Revelations Feat. Young Buk & Psyde
14-8 Ball - Drama In My Life Feat. Young Buk & Psyde
15-Psychodrama - Do What You Wanna Do (Unauthorized Remix)
16-Psychodrama - Fo The Love Of The City (The Leaked Version)

TOP 10: