Yung LA and Dukwon - Futuristic Swag (2009)

1.Intro- Yung LA and Dukwon Speak
 2.Yung LA- Futuristic
 3.Dukwon- Bump This
 4.Yung LA Speaks
 5.Yung LA- I got it
 6.Blunt Speaks
 7.Dukwon- You Already Know # 8.Dukwon Speaks
 9.Yung LA- Stupid Swag
 10.Dukwon Ft. Billionz and Yung Trav- Hustle Everyday
 11.Yung LA Speaks
 12.Yung LA ft. Young Dro and T.I - Ain't I
 13.Dukwon-Money Ova Here 
 14.Yung LA ft. Maceo- Offset
 15.Dukwon ft. Rellik - Yeah You Know Me
 16.Dukwon Speaks
 17.Yung LA Ft. J-Jmoney- Stupid Fruity Swag
 18.Dj Xcon Speaks
 19.Yung LA ft. Courtney Money - Hot
 20.Dukwon Ft. Jokaman - So Fly
 21.Dukwon Speaks
 22.Dukwon - Bing Ahh(new dance)
 23.Young Pooney Speaks
 24.Yung LA ft. LilL Boosie- 36 O's
 25.Dj Nasty Nate

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