T-Nutty & Big Nolove Pres.- C Way Muziccore's Lyrical Octane Tha Gas Effect (2005)

1. Intro
2. Excuse Me/ft Ant Locc, Bleezo, Pain
3. 2 gether/ft Bleezo, Bop, Savsiccness
4. Invasion/ft G-Macc, Keylocc, Big Nolove
5. Off The Edges/ft Savsiccness, Lexo, Tnutty
6. On Tha Roof/ft G-Macc, Big Nolove
7. Dump N Reload/ft Savsiccness, Skari
8. 7 Doors/ft Gushmore, Brave, Alien
9. G.A.N.G/ft Bleezo, Skari, Savsiccness
10. Testimony/ft Big Nolove, Keylocc
11. The Savageness/ft Bleezo
12. Rhyme I Wrote/ft Bleezo, Savsiccness
13. Spree/ft Bleezo, Ant Loc, Skaristum
14. Noluvealude/ft Big Nolove
15. Part 2/ft Big Nolove, Ant Loc
16. Regardless/ft X-Raided, T-Nutty, Big Nolove
17. Outro/ft Savsiccness, Bleezo

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