Cartiyay - Slave For The Dope Game (2012)

1. Life Change
2. No Sequel Ft. V-12 Series
3. All Hail Ft. Live, Dreper
4. No Live Ft. Live, Young,Bo
5. I Thought It Was Love Ft. Ayo, Live
6. Never Be Da Same
7. Separate Wayz Ft. Tom Teezy, V-12 Series
8. Right There Ft. Live
9. Pure Dope Ft. Bane Coso, V-12 Series
10. Back To Da Money
11. Can We Cincide
12. I aint Got Time Ft. Live
13. We Run Streetz Ft. Live, V-12 Series
14. Do Me A Favor
15. White Bitch
16. Da King


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