T-Rock - The Mr. Washington Story [2CD] (2005)

101-t-rock-posted up
102-t-rock-faith alone
103-t-rock-slang 2004
104-t-rock-act a fool
105-t-rock-2 strong
106-t-rock-krazy college park bitch (interlude)
107-t-rock-intoxicated (feat. infrared area 51 and dj cree)
108-t-rock-sewed up
109-t-rock-bows and dro
110-t-rock-hell (feat. area 51 odd 1 and adonis)
111-t-rock-spit fie (life of an al quaida)
112-t-rock-blazed up
113-t-rock-the field (feat. unseen (of area 51))
114-t-rock-little or nuthin
115-t-rock-eyes of da master

201-t-rock-posted up (chopped)
202-t-rock-2 strong (chopped)
203-t-rock-krazy college park bitch (interlude) (chopped)
204-t-rock-intoxicated (feat. infrared area 51 and dj cree) (chopped)
205-t-rock-sewed up (chopped)
206-t-rock-hell (feat. area 51 odd 1 and adonis) (chopped)
207-t-rock-faith alone (chopped)
208-t-rock-act a fool (chopped)
209-t-rock-spit fie (life of an al quaida) (chopped)
210-t-rock-blazed up (chopped)
211-t-rock-slang 2004 (chopped)
212-t-rock-bows and dro (chopped)
213-t-rock-the field (feat. unseen (of area 51)) (chopped)
214-t-rock-little or nuthin (chopped)
215-t-rock-eyes of da master (chopped)
216-t-rock-cinderella (chopped)

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