C-Bo - West Side Ryders 4 World Wide Mob (2008)

01. I'm The Shit (C-Bo, Young Bleed)
02. Ridin' For Mines (C-Bo, Killa Tay)
03. Jays On My Feet (C-Bo)
04. Where You Want Me (C-Bo, Young Streets, T-Dot)
05. Hear Me (Big-O)
06. Got To Get It All (C-Bo, B-Lo, Johnny P)
07. Money Over Bitches (West Coast Bad Boys)
08. Money Ain't A Thang (C-Bo)
09. Get Back (B Neza, Big-O, Half Wet, Messy)
10. Lookin' For A Dime (C-Bo)
11. Get The Mail (C-Bo, Take Off, Liquid, Silk Jay)
12. Tha Bidness (Young Chaz, Big Smoove)
13. Rubber Bands (Young Doe)
14. Who Want It (C-Bo, The Realist, Sassy)
15. It's My Life (C-Bo, Bombay, J-Stone, Wopoe)
16. Liar (Woodpile, CO Tha Bad Black)
17. Leave Ya Sideways (Spade, Rece Rece, T-Mac)
18. I'm Bout My Money (Yukmouth, San Quinn, Matt Black, Kafani)
19. Big Bank Hank (C-Bo, Big-O)

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