Known Associates 2 - Theme Music to Drug Dealins & Killins [2CD] (2008)

Disc One:

1.Intro: Northern Warriors - Mac-10 (feat. Louie Loc, S.O.S. & Baldhead Rick)
2.Be Easy - Cellski (feat. Dutch & Ad Kapone)
3.Mr. 187 - Malice (feat. Mars)
4.Cash - 11/5 (feat. Woodie)
5.Younger Days - GLP (feat. JT the Bigga Figga, San Quinn, Ive Low, D-Moe & Seff Tha Gaffla)
6.Mr. Walgreens - ADR
7.Make Some Noise - C-Fresh (feat. Tony Francis & Ad Kapone)
8.Fast Lane - Mac-10 (feat. Taydatay)
9.Really Tho - Big Mack
10.Interlude - C-Fresh
11.Clap to This - C-Fresh
12.Crazy Shit (Remix) - Totally Insane (feat. Baldhead Rick)
13.Solano County Blues - Tony Francis
14.Off Top - 11/5
15.Keeps It Gangsta - South Central Cartel
16.Set Your Block on Fire - C-Fresh (feat. Spice 1)
17.Malice's Panic Attack - Dush Tray (feat. Malice & Baldhead Rick of UNLV)
18.My .45 - Cougnut - (feat. Black Madness)
19.Cougnut Tribute Outro - Cougnut (feat. Big Drawz, Ad Kapone, Seff Tha Gaffla, Chunk, Baldhead Rick of UNLV, TC & E-40)

Disc Two: 

1.Mr. Baller - C-Fresh
2.Standin on the Corner - RJ a.k.a. Lil Murda
3.Vacate the Room - Louie Loc (feat. Taydatay, Charlie Manhattan & Young Droop)
4.The World's a Cold Place - Young Noble (feat. Nutt-So & Ray Luv)
5.Ballin' Now - Fly Mar
6.King of the Devil Block - ADR (feat. First Degree the D.E.)
7.Tragedy - Louie Loc (feat. Cougnut)
8.Chalk It Up - 2-Illeven (feat. Labeled Crazy)
9.1-8-7 - 3rd Dagree
10.The Game - Baldhead Rick (feat. San Quinn)
11.This Is How We Roll - U.D.I. (feat. Big Vic, Big Mack & Charlie Manhattan)
12.Straight Up Thugs, Pt. 2 - Guce (feat. Mr. Kee, Baby Menace & Cougnut)
13.Unforgiven - Louie Loc (feat. Mickey Moe)
14.Theme Music Interlude - Nasty Nate
15.Clown Suit - Sco-Loc (feat. Chunk, Black Madness, Nutt-Case & Ad Kapone)
16.Killin' & Dope Dealin' - Young D Boyz
17.Bangers - C-Lim (feat. J-Nutt, G-Macc, Tre-8 & Choppah of Triple Beam)
18.Cali Corners - Baldhead Rick
19.Gangsta Shit, Pt. 2 - Black C (feat. San Quinn, Young Ed, Maine-O, C-Fresh, Hennessy)

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