Cool Nutz - The Cook Up (2011)

1.- Intro feat. Todd G
2.- The Cook Up[Prod. by HI-Q]
3.- Gas Team feat. Bosko and Pricy[Prod. by Tope]
4.- Kangol[Prod. by Terminill]
5.- Family Bond[Prod. by HI-Q]
6.- The Good Life feat. Potluck[Prod. by DJ Quik]
7.- Ain’t A Game feat. Maniac Lok and DJ Fatboy[Prod. by Trox]
8.- Tax Brackets[Prod. by Lawz Spoken]
9.- Take Home Money feat. Fli Boi Moe and Kenny Mack[Prod. by Nonstop]
10.- A Love feat. TxE[Prod. by G Force]
11.- Superman feat. Mikey Vegaz[Prod. by Lawz Spoken]
12.- Black Music[Prod. by Tope]
13.- Never Met[Prod. by HI-Q]
14.- Hamptons[Prod. by HI-Q]
15.- Killin feat. Illamaculate and Only One[Prod. by Trox]
16.- The Town feat. Dubble OO, Mikey Vegaz, and Kenny Mack[Prod. by Deezo]
17.- All On Me[Prod. by UnderRated]
18.- The Greatest[Prod. by Tope]

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