Little Bruce - Give It To Me Baby! (2000)

01 Intro Servin The Game
02 Cadillac Skirts and Vogues (feat B-Legit, Mac Minister)
03 Ride With Me (feat Shorty B)
04 The Bounty
05 Thug Thang (feat Big Syke, Mopreme, Kastro of the Outlawz)
06 Girl
07 The Game Is Big (feat Miami)
08 Groovin (feat Young Smitty, Lil Italy, K-One)
09 Quit Claim Pimpin (feat Miami)
10 I Can Make It Bounce (feat B-Legit)
11 Fuck The Fame (feat Noble of the Outlawz)
12 I Love Pimpin Hoes (feat Miami, Pretty Tone Only Inc.)
13 Turn Out
14 Boothill
15 This Big Time (feat Napolean, Young L, Noble)
16 Imagine That (feat Young Smitty)
17 Somethin Way Too Tight (feat B-Legit)
18 The Cost (feat B-Legit, Nikki Scarfo, Mac Shawn)
19 If You Had My Game
20 Give It To Me Baby


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