Lil Wyte - Da Wite Out 2 (2013)

1.Intro - Lil Wyte
2.Pill Poppa - Lord Infamous Ft. Lil Wyte, Partee & Project Pat
3.All I Need Is My Weed - Partee Ft. Lil Wyte & Project Pat
4.Codeine Hangover - 1st 48 (Frayser Boy Partee) Ft. Lil Wyte
5.Powerball - 17 Stacks feat. Frayser Boy
6.Pull Up To The Front - Partee Ft. High Rolla, JellyRoll Eddie Kane Jr
7.Krazy - Miscellaneous Ft. No Soda, 03
8.Lightbill - Smallwood Ft. Lord Infamous Ace (Thug Therapy)
9.Duffel Bag Boyz - Shysta Smooth Ft. Lil Wyte
10.Money Moves Mandatory - CandyMan and Mr. G-ROCK (S.T.R.I.P. CLIQUE) Ft. Partee
11.Anything I Want - White Boy Schwasted Ft. Lil Wyte
12.Shining - SPC. Ft. Lil Wyte
13.Rebel Wit Nuthin Less - Shysta Smooth Kataztrophe Ft. Lord Infamous
14.Wyte Boy Music - Ron C Ft. Lil Wyte
15.I'm Ready - Marco Dane ft. Smurf Diggity
16.Bitches - Dog Shaw Ft. Lil Wyte
17.Like Dat - LoS Ft. Lil Wyte
18.Four Loko - 17 Stacks Ft. Lil Wyte
19.The Realest - Da Candyman Ft. Lord Infamous Tha Show
20.DJ Paul - My Blunt Smokes Better (feat. Lil Wyte)
21.Walk In My Shoes - Dangeruss Ft. $hamrock

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