Glock Mane Presents Devil Shyt 2 [4CD] (2009)

01-J-Green - Devil Shyt Intro
02-Devil Shyt News Interlude
03-089 Clique - We Hit Ya Block
04-DJ Fire - Evil Me
05-Crucified - Devil Shit U Hate To Hear
06-Taryn LaRue - Schizotypal Paranoia 
07-Prophet - Suiside 2008
08-Ace - Claimin' Devil Shyt 
09-In Visible Silence - Til Death Comes
10-Syko Mac - Wicked Sins
11-$woop - Evil In My Heart
12-Boogie Man Skit
13-Valtiel ft. Lord Infamous Promise 2 Punish Mixtro
14-Terror Family - Drag em in da river
15-Zer.Fleisch & eR - Ladykiller Feat. Pems
16-DARK REALM SOLJAZ - Beat Down Murda
17-Dosia Demon Ft. Repz & Valtiel - That Devil Shyt
18-089 Clique - Da Outro

01-Valtiel - Hear What I Hear
03-Tan And Black-Its Curtains Pt. 2
04-Young Blunted - Body Partz
05-Smokey - Banana Peelz
06-Nuttin Nyce , Murda Chops,Preach - Destined For Hell
07-DJ Sir Swift - Creepin Thru The Graveyard
08-SMG - To This
09-FRITENITE-Smell Your Fear
10-Repz & Valtiel - Unknown Origins
11-Horror-Kane - Halloween Night
12-Revren Mane - Killas at tha door
13-Broken Silence - Clickin Devil Shyt
14-Mista Smoke-Alot - Im Already Dead
15-MRM-Meet My Glock
16-Nigga Creep Tribute Outro
17-Team Death - Heaven Bleeds
18-Da Evilist - Creepin Thru Da Door
19-Prophet - End Of Me

01-Shy One - Never Forget
02-Triple Visionz Click ft. Myth & Creep Lo - Glock N My Drawz
03-In Visible Silence - The Murder Song
04-MSK - Lookin For A Murder
05-Valtiel - Devil Shyt
06-Creep Lo ft. Revren Mane - Tell Me
07-Hypnotik Dreamz-Souls Rize
08-Tootie Fuckin Fruitie
09-Razakel-The Wicked Bitch Is Back
10-Rukus- is anyone out there
11-Repz-Murdah Mission
12-Brothaz Grimm - Sensimilla Greenery
14-Valtiel & Glock Mane - Glock Mane Hotline
15-Bad Mind - Welcome To The End
17-SJB & Shot One - Exorcist
18-Ominous One - Mind Of Homicide
19-SilenceOne - Evil Thougths

01-Kushin - Devil Shyt Intro
02-DJ Fire - 666
03-Creep Lo - Seasons Feat Fatality
04-Brothaz Grimm - Tha Gathering
05-Terror Family - Kreep Tight
06-Ann P(Of Frayser Click) ft. Valtiel - 2 Evil 4 Ya Ass
07-Lil Kingpin ft. Pistol Gripp - They Don't Know Me
08-Lil Amin ft. Pistol Maine - Overseas Connection
09-Kushin - Devil Shyt
10-Big Urthy-Resident Evil
11-Maceo Ft Lil Jack - Strapped
12-Crime Mafia Clique - Deadly Trap Pt. 2
13-Dosia Demon ft. Psyk-Another Sad Song
14-Hypnotik Dreamz-Devil Shyt Pt . 2
15-Valtiel & Glock Mane Presents Tha Underground Network
16-Lil Grim - Having Nightmares
18-Sicktanick - Solve Coagula
19-Prophet - No Cure For Me (DJ Mystical 1 Remix)

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